What Makes it Different from Everything Else?

With mosquitoes becoming a bigger problem every year, and with the growing fear of mosquito-borne diseases prompting huge public reactions, the market for mosquito management products is one of the fastest growing in the outdoor living industry. There are a multitude of products you can choose from, and some of them are relatively effective at how they specifically address the issue. However, the Skeeter Defeater® Automatic Dispenser is a one-of-a-kind solution that combines sophisticated technology with attractive simplicity that people really like.

Here's what really makes the Skeeter Defeater® Automatic Dispenser stand out:

  • It sprays automatically at dusk and dawn. The patent-pending spray technology allows for daily insecticide release at the precise time when mosquito activity is at its highest. The DUSK/DAWN® sensor is a revolutionary mosquito management device that only Outdoor Solutions, Inc. can offer.
  • It covers up to 300 square feet. The four second spray sequence distributes the pyrethrin-based insecticide up to 300 square feet around the Dispenser. It's perfect to cover yards, decks and patios - wherever you spend the most time in your yard.
  • It's portable and affordable. The flexibility of the Skeeter Defeater Automatic Dispenser truly sets it apart. Because it's light-weight and battery-powered, it's portable- campsites, job locations, vacations and many other listed areas.! And since it's so much more affordable than larger misting systems and attractants, it's a match for any budget.

It's also helpful to realize what the Skeeter Defeater® is NOT, to truly understand how special it is.

In summary, it's not . . .

  • A body spray - they can get messy and smelly, and you have to keep applying them.
  • A candle - open flames can be dangerous and require your presence.
  • A trap or attractant - We don't believe in attracting MORE mosquitoes to your yard. What happens to all those pests these units DON'T trap?
  • A home-installation system - Can be expensive for some (over $2,000!), and it's not portable.
  • A repellent - Make no mistake, the Skeeter Defeater insecticide kills mosquitoes on contact - it doesn't repel them so they can try again another day.
  • A bug zapper - Tell the truth: do you really like hearing that zapping noise all night, or the tint of neon blue on your porch? Plus, the light can sometimes attract more bugs into your area.

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