How Does It Work?

The Skeeter Defeater® mosquito spray kills mosquitoes on contact when they're most active: at Dusk and Dawn!

Daily, automatic spraying using the DUSK/DAWN® sensor

Mosquitoes at Dusk

The Skeeter Defeater® incorporates a DUSK/DAWN sensor into its unique spray technology that you can't find in any other product. The sensor actually measures sunlight every day and knows exactly when it's dusk and dawn.

And since mosquitoes normally don't come out until the sun is either coming or going, the DUSK/DAWN sensor releases the insecticide at the perfect times every day to help reduce the mosquito population in your yard.. No timers to set; no buttons to push. Just set it up in your yard and let it go to work.

Kills mosquitoes on contact

Picture of Mosquito

Used together, the Skeeter Defeater Dispenser and Cylinder Refill Unit (CRU) don't repel mosquitoes - they kill them! The botanical insecticide (pyrethrin) that's sprayed will kill mosquitoes and many other flying insects. (See the CRU label for the complete list.) Wanna know more about pyrethrin? Click here.


Covers up to 300 square feet

300 Square Feet

Skeeter Defeater products are the perfect solution for targeting and killing mosquitoes around your patios, decks and many outdoor settings. The Dispenser sprays for four seconds twice a day, killing mosquitoes fast within a 300 square foot area.

Spray on-demand from indoors, up to 50 feet away!

Remote Control Mosquito Spray

Want more frequent protection than the automatic DUSK/DAWN sensor provides? Fire off your Skeeter Defeater on demand with the remote control (included). The remote works indoors and outdoors from up to 50 feet away, allowing you to easily spray your yard from the safety of your own home. You can also set the Dispenser to only fire when you use the remote, just in case the DUSK/DAWN sensor isn't your cup of tea.

Portable and convenient

Great for Camping

You can take your Skeeter Defeater products almost anywhere you need help combatting mosquitoes. Because it's battery-powered, you can take it camping, hunting, RVing and to many other outdoor settings. Installing the Dispenser is straight-forward and quick. Just load the Cylinder Refill Unit into the Spray Head, insert 4 AA batteries (not included) into the battery chamber, and then hang or place your Skeeter Defeater wherever you want a mosquito-free zone. Unlike other products, you don't have to deal with open flames, propane tanks, candles, nets, zappers, attractants or mosquito body sprays.

Enjoy fast results

Mosquito Free Backyard

Skeeter Defeater products target mosquitoes and kill on contact, giving you fast results the first time you use them. More importantly, though, you'll see a difference after about a week of spraying the Skeeter Defeater insecticide on a daily basis. It makes sense: the more consistently you spray at dusk and dawn, the less adult mosquitoes you'll have in your yard. Less adults mean less eggs being laid. The best part? You just turn it on and let the Skeeter Defeater products do the rest of the work.